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The Noroton Heights Fire Department is happy and honored to be on call for you. Today we ask you to take our call!


The Noroton Heights Fire Department is 100% Volunteer and we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and ready to lend assistance to you, the members of our community. This is no easy task for us because quite honestly, firefighters as a group are not very good at asking others for help! Yet your support is critical to us!


For those that do not know, the Noroton Heights Fire Department is one of three independent volunteer fire departments in the town of Darien. We break the town into three sections (each covered by one of these three departments). The town of Darien is one of the last towns in Fairfield County that has a 100% volunteer fire and rescue service. This brings one obvious advantage to our residence- millions of dollars saved on salaries, benefits and pension liabilities. But it also brings other benefits. Those who come to assist you are your friends and neighbors. Whether it is a carbon monoxide detector beeping for no apparent reason in the middle of the night or a fully involved structure fire, we respond, because you are members of our community, not our employers. Further, when a natural disaster strike, the Noroton Heights Fire Department, Noroton and Darien Fire Departments can mobilize over 100 Connecticut State certified firefighters to come to your need. This year we were out in force during Hurricane Irene and we will continue to be out for you!

Although we receive a small operational budget from the town, it is not enough to keep our doors open. We thrive through your generous donations. Your dollars are used for three primary reasons: to help us maintain and upgrade our 55 year old fire house, to buy new equipment and to fund advance training opportunities for our members. Last year, we used your funds to buy a new pickup truck to replace our 19 year old one and to make critical repairs to our fire house. We also used the funds to conduct over 2000 hours of member training. This included certifying new EMT’s and conducting advanced vehicle extrication classes, learning the latest techniques for quick and efficient vehicle stabilization and patient extraction

We truly need your tax deductible donations. Since the Noroton Heights Fire Department is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, we gladly accept matching gifts. If you have any questions regarding our non-profit status or matching gift program, please contact us at As always, please remain safe and thank you for your support

With warmest regards
Paul Vodola- President
Shawn Murphy- Chief


Noroton Heights Fire Department
209 Noroton Ave Darien Ct 06820


Telephone: 203-655-1033
Fax: 203-662-0682

Donate online, it’s fast and easy! You do not need a Paypal account to donate, just fill out the necessary form.

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